What Is The Best Duvet For Night Sweats On The UK Market? (2023)

There are several things you can do to prevent night sweats from ruining your sleep: lowering the thermostat, buying a cooling pad, getting cool linen sheets, using a room cooler and so on.

But if you are looking for a quick and easy solution that won’t cost you much money, I recommend simply changing your duvet.

Maybe your current duvet is actually the one causing night sweats.

In this buying guide, we are going to review the best duvets for night sweats. These duvets have two essential characteristics: they are breathable and they are good at wicking away sweat.

Before we get to the reviews, here are some of the features to look for when shopping for a cooling duvet.

What to Consider When Buying a Duvet for Night Sweats

a. Tog Rating

You may have seen this term when shopping for a new duvet. It’s an indication of how warm the duvet is.

The higher the tog the warmer the duvet will be. So if you are looking for a cooling duvet, you want a lower tog.

Summer duvets have a tog between 1.5 and 4.5. These are the best for night sweats. A duvet with a tog rating higher than 8 will be too warm and is more ideal for winter and autumn.

b. Type of Fill

If you want a duvet with excellent cooling, look for one with natural fill.

Compared to synthetic fill, natural fill such as down is more breathable allowing heat and moisture to escape with ease.

Duvets with synthetic fill are cheaper but tend to trap more heat and moisture. But there are a few good ones that try to replicate the same level of breathability as down.

Our favourites are Hollowfibre and microfiber.

They are not as cool as down but they are great if you are on a budget. They are also the best if you are allergic to natural down filling.

c. Fabric

Don’t just consider the material inside the duvet; the casing is also important especially for wicking away sweat.

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Cotton is the standard fabric used on duvets. It is soft, stays fairly cool and absorbs moisture well.

Percale cotton is especially good. It’s very light and airy.

Other good types of cotton fabric include Egyptian, Pima and Supima.

Silk is also good though it does not cool as well as cotton.

Some duvets use special fabric blends with materials like bamboo and rayon to boost cooling.

An affordable option is microfiber. It feels really soft, it’s durable and does a great job keeping you cool and dry.

Avoid flannel, polyester and heavy upholstery grade fabrics. They sleep too warm especially in hot weather. Most will also not let sweat escape.

d. Weight

The weight and feel of a duvet will depend on the type of fill and casing material used.

Generally, you want a lightweight duvet that doesn’t feel too stuffy at night. Even a breathable duvet can get hot if it’s made too heavy.

e. Size

Different brands will offer their own assortment of sizes. Check the available sizes before you start looking at other features.

The most common sizes are twin, double, queen and king and super king.

Because duvets tend to have a shorter overhang compared to comforters, I recommend ordering one size bigger than your bed especially for couples. This ensures you are not having a tug of war over the duvet at night.

f. Cleaning

Finally, check how easy the duvet is to clean and maintain.

If you get a natural fill duvet, it’s essential that you also buy a duvet cover. Such duvets are typically not washable.

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Most synthetic fill duvets can be thrown in the washing machine. But there’ll usually be a warning to use a gentle cycle and low heat when washing and drying.

Read the cleaning instructions before buying to know what kind of care is needed.

The Best Duvets for Night Sweats Reviews

1.Lancashire Bedding Premium 2 Tog Spring Summer Cool Breathable Duvet Quilt

What Is The Best Duvet For Night Sweats On The UK Market? (1)

This cooling duvet uses hollowfibre filling to provide maximum breathability. The filling is paired with a moisture-wicking cotton blend fabric.

The duvet has a tog rating of 2, making it perfect for those experiencing hot flashes or night sweats. It’s also great for hot summer nights.

Because of the filling used, this duvet is lighter than you expect. It doesn’t feel stuffy at all at night.

The fabric is super soft, which gives your bed a 5-star hotel feel.

The duvet is machine washable so no worries about stains and dirt. You can even manage to use it without an additional duvet cover.

If you don’t like synthetic filling, the company has a natural alternative consisting of 15% goose down and 85% goose feathers. It’s cooler and more breathable than the hollowfibre option.

The duvet is available in 5 sizes: cot, single, double, king, super king.

What we like about it:

  • Natural and synthetic options available.
  • Cool and breathable fill.
  • Moisture-wicking poly-cotton fabric.
  • Machine washable.

2.Lancashire Textiles 4.5 Tog Peached Microfibre Duvet Cool Hollowfibre Filled Summer Quilt

What Is The Best Duvet For Night Sweats On The UK Market? (2)

With a tog rating of 4.5, this duvet will keep you cool and dry during the hottest months. It uses a special channel construction technique and breathable fill and casing to ensure there’s no heat trapped within the duvet.

The duvet is filled with hollowfibre, a synthetic down alternative that feels just as soft and luxurious.

The cover is microfiber, giving it an extra-soft and plush feel.

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Overall, the duvet feels very lightweight and airy. It’s great for unusually hot nights or if you have serious night sweats or hot flashes.

There are four size options to choose from: single, double, king and super king.

What we like about it:

  • Machine washable.
  • Lightweight and breathable – better cooling performance than most duvets.
  • Microfiber cover easily absorbs sweat.
  • Hypoallergenic – ideal for those who are allergic to natural down.

3.The Bettersleep Company Cool Summer Weight Microfibre Duvet 2 Tog

What Is The Best Duvet For Night Sweats On The UK Market? (3)

This is our top recommendation if you are looking for a budget double size duvet for night sweats.

Like almost all other duvets we have reviewed, this one also uses a microfiber feeling. It has the soft feel and excellent cooling performance of natural down.

But unlike down, it is completely safe for people with allergies. The synthetic filling is itself hypoallergenic. In addition, it is resistant to dust mites and other common household allergens.

The cover is also microfiber. It stays cool and wicks away excess moisture to prevent any uncomfortable clamminess.

It has a 233-thread count that balances perfectly between cosy and airy.

The full duvet has a tog rating of 2. It’s great for those who need extra cooling power especially during the summer.

What we like about it:

  • Machine washable.
  • Extra-cool.
  • Ideal for those with allergies and sensitive skin.

4.Slumberdown Anti Allergy Summer Cool 4.5 Tog Duvet

What Is The Best Duvet For Night Sweats On The UK Market? (4)

If you have serious allergies, this is the best duvet for night sweats.

It is certified anti-allergy, making it perfect if you are sensitive to dust mites, natural down filling, mould and other allergens.

The duvet has a tog rating of 4.5. It’s great for warm nights or if you have frequent hot flashes.

The hollowfibre filling is super soft and allows air and mouisture through easily.

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The microfiber cover also helps keep the duvet cool and get sweat off your body.

The duvet is available in a king size (225 cm x 200). It works great with both king and queen sized beds.

You can wash the duvet in a washing machine at 40C. It’s also safe to tumble dry it on low.

What we like about it:

  • Anti-allergy filling and cover.
  • Cool and breathable.
  • Ultra-soft.

5.1 Tog Single Duvet – A Slight Second from Fogarty

What Is The Best Duvet For Night Sweats On The UK Market? (5)

This duvet is a slight second directly from Fogarty, a popular bedding brand.

By ‘slight second’ it means the duvets failed the factory inspection because of minor aesthetic issues. The duvet may have an uneven seam here and there or some other imperfection but it’s perfectly okay.

One advantage of buying a slight second is that it cheaper than the recommended retail price.

This particular duvet is a single size and rated at 1 tog. That means it has extra cooling power and is especially good for hot summers and those who get frequent hot flashes.

What we like about it:

  • Affordable.
  • Extra-cool.
  • Machine washable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can bedding cause night sweats?

Yes, bedding can cause night sweats. If your bedding (including sheets, blanket and duvet) is not breathable, it’ll trap heat, causing you to overheat and sweat a lot.

Q: Why does my duvet make me sweat?

The TOG rating may be too high. Duvets are classified based on their TOG rating, with a lower number indicating that they sleep cooler.

If you have night sweats or are a hot sleeper, you need a duvet with a TOG between 1.5 and 4.5.

The type of fill used in the duvet could also be a problem. Duvets with synthetic feel are cheaper but they sleep hotter.

Natural fill is more breathable, which reduces the amount of heat trapped under the duvet.

Also check the outer fabric. The best duvet fabrics to reduce sweating are percale cotton, Egyptian cotton, Pima cotton, silk, microfiber and bamboo.

(Video) Best Cooling Sheets - Top 8 Sheet Sets for Hot Sleepers

Fabrics to avoid include polyester and flannel.

Q: When should I be concerned about night sweats?

If switching to a cool duvet and bedding doesn’t help with night sweats, they may be an underlying health problem making you sweat. Visit your doctor for a diagnosis.

It’s also important to see a doctor if your night sweats are accompanied by other symptoms such as fever, loss of appetite and fatigue.


What type of duvet is best for night sweats? ›

The best duvets for coping with night sweats are those made with natural fibres. Wool is one of the best options thanks to the way it helps with temperature regulation as you sleep.

What is the best bedding for sweaty sleepers UK? ›

Linen, cotton, and wool are all effective moisture-wicking materials, with linen being the lightest, making it more suited to warmer months,” says Mikhail. As a bonus, linen sheets are soft as well as breathable, cooling, and lightweight.

What is the best duvet for sweaty people? ›

We'd recommend a tog between 4.5 tog and 10.5 tog duvet to help you avoid night sweats. The tog rating has been developed to help measure the thermal insulation level of your duvet. Essentially, the higher the tog, the more it will insulate you, helping trap the heat and keep you warm.

What is the best duvet material for hot sleepers? ›

Linen. If you live in an area with consistently warm temperatures or if you're a hot sleeper, linen bedding and linen duvet covers may be right for you. Linen develops a soft, lived-in patina over time and naturally wicks away body heat to keep you cool while you sleep.

How do I stop sweating under my duvet? ›

Use less bedding- Try switching out a heavy comforter for a lightweight blanket and some cool cotton sheets. This will allow body heat to move more freely, instead of getting trapped in the mattress and in the blankets.

What material is best for night sweats? ›

Material. Most of the sleep experts we spoke to agreed that sheets made of natural fibers, like cotton and linen, are your best bet for sweaty sleepers because they're the most breathable (and therefore cooling). When it comes to cotton, the weave of a fabric matters, too.

Why is my duvet wet when I wake up? ›

Your bed linens may feel damp for a variety of causes, including condensation, excessive humidity, or excessive airflow. It becomes a regular issue during the winter months because it is cold and you constantly need to open air vents for airflow.

What do I sleep in with night sweats? ›

Adjust the thermostat, use fans, open windows (if it's cold outside), wear breathable pajamas and use lightweight bedding. Cool yourself down. If you wake up in a sweat, uncover your feet and neck, drink a glass of cold water, place a cool washcloth on your head or run cold water over your wrists.

Why does my duvet make me sweat at night? ›

Duvet Filling

If your current duvet has a low quality synthetic filling, this could be the root cause of your sweaty mid-night wake up calls. Try opting for a natural filling such as our Goose Feather & Down instead.

What is the coolest fabric for a duvet? ›

Linen and cotton are both ideal fabrics for sleeping in the heat. They are woven from natural fibers (cotton is cotton, while linen is woven from the flax plant) that breathe remarkably well, which is key for staying cool.

How can I hide my excessive sweating? ›

Navy blue or black shirts are much less likely to show sweat and can help you feel comfortable. Some people find that wearing an undershirt decreases their sweat stains because it absorbs the sweat before it can reach the overshirt.

Is cotton or linen better for sweating? ›

Cotton. Lightweight and high-quality cotton is breathable. This type of material allows air to flow giving you the best chance to cool off and for the fabric to dry faster, which helps eliminate sweat stains. Clothes for sweating typically contain cotton or a mix of cotton within blends.

What material duvet do hotels use? ›

Goose down in duvets is very often used to fill the duvets in luxury hotels, as it is light and has a fluffy, cloud-like feel. Goose down is also available in various qualities and the higher the filling power, the better the capacity and the lighter (and fluffier) the duvet is likely to be.

How do you pick a warm duvet? ›

A higher ratio of down to feather will give you a lighter and warmer duvet. Goose down v duck down: Goose down clusters are larger than duck down clusters which means that goose down is more insulating, softer and lighter. Duck down is cheaper to produce so duck down duvets can be less expensive.

Is microfiber or cotton better for hot sleepers? ›

Microfiber traps heat more easily than cotton. The material is better suited for colder climates and people who tend to sleep cold. Cotton's natural fibers assist in regulating temperature for a cool and dry sleep. They are ideal for sleepers who run hot at night.

What nobody tells you about night sweat? ›

There are several common reasons for night sweats – from spicy foods to warm bedrooms – but excess sweating can be a sign of a medical condition such as an infection, menopause or cancer. “Just being hot at night should not worry anyone,” says Dr.

What nobody tells you about night sweats prevention? ›

Refrain from alcohol or heavy meals before bed. Alcohol and dense food before bed can crank up the heat at night, too, Youngblood says. Try to avoid both a few hours before bed to encourage your core body temperature to lower, which will reduce sweating during sleep.

Do microfibre duvets make you sweat? ›

Microfibre duvets are better than hollowfibre duvets – they are less sweaty and they drape better over the bed. You will tend to pay a bit more for them though – but often it's negligible – these are still some of the cheapest duvets in stores.

Should I wipe condensation from windows? ›

Removing condensation

Make a habit of removing window condensation first thing every morning — when it's at its worst. Use an absorbent paper towel or microfibre cloth to gently scoop and wipe the water off the surface of your windows. Use a fresh towel or a squeegee to dry the pane thoroughly afterwards.

What temperature should I keep my house to prevent condensation? ›

It's recommended to keep your living spaces at between 19°C and 21°C, with bedrooms kept around 18°C. Under-heating is one of the biggest causes of condensation inside the home when combined with poor ventilation, as warm moist air can't escape and forms as condensation on cold surfaces like windows and walls.

What is the difference between night sweats and sweating at night? ›

"Sweating at night is a normal phenomenon and experienced by most people at some point. The term 'night sweats' refers to excessive sweating during the night, where severe hot flushes can consistently leave you waking up with soaking wet clothes and sheets," says Dr Farah Gilani, a GP at Medicspot.

What is the root cause of night sweats? ›

Hormone disorders—Night sweats can be a result of problems in the hormone-producing glands (endocrine system). If a person receives too much or too little of a hormone, such as serotonin, it can result in flushing and sweating.

Why are night sweats a red flag? ›

Night sweats can be a manifestation of simple infection, underlying malignancy, more complex infections – including TB and HIV – connective tissue disorders, menopause or certain prescribed drugs. It's also important not to overlook possible psychological causes, such as night terrors secondary to PTSD.

What is better than a duvet? ›

A comforter is a stuffed, quilted blanket that forms the top layer of bedding and is typically lighter than a duvet. The stuffing in a comforter varies widely—down feathers, down alternatives, synthetic fibers, and regular cotton fill are all common materials.

What is the most breathable fabric for duvet covers? ›

Silk: If you're looking for a breathable and luxurious duvet cover, we recommend silk. Silk's natural properties make it great for humid climates, and will keep you warm without feeling claustrophobic.

What duvet material doesn't wrinkle? ›

The Company Store Wrinkle-Free Cotton Sateen Duvet Cover (Queen) If you can't stand the appearance of a creased bedspread, this sateen duvet cover is the one for you. Thanks to its wrinkle-free finish, the 450-thread-count sateen fabric stays smooth and pressed for up to 50 washes.

What color hides sweat best? ›

The Best Colors to Hide Sweat Stains

Dark colors such as black and navy are some of the most effective shades at your disposal. Browns and dark reds (burgundies) are also viable options for the hyperhidrosis sufferer. Very light colors are also ideal choices for excessive sweating.

Does baby powder stop sweating? ›

It is also absorbent, so in a way, baby powder will absorb sweat. It will also reduce friction, help keep your skin cool, mask odor, and act as an extra layer of protection for your skin. Essentially, baby powder can absorb sweat and also help in lowering sweat production.

What material is sweat proof? ›

Nylon is stretchy, quick-drying, and mildew resistant. Its the most efficient fabric available, soft and breathable. It wicks sweat away from the body to keep you comfortable. Nylon is also one of the strongest athletic fabrics available, making it an excellent choice for workout apparel.

What is better Supima or Egyptian cotton? ›

Supima cotton stands for “superior cotton,” which is a step above Egyptian cotton in quality and feel. The fibers have superior durability and can stand up to washings easily. You will find that because supima cotton is so soft, your night's sleep will be comfortable and easy.

What fabric wicks away moisture? ›

Synthetic fabrics are “hydrophobic,” which means they resist the penetration of water. That's why you see a lot of synthetic fabrics, like polyester or nylon, excel at moisture wicking. Wool is also considered moisture-wicking: Wool is a slightly different animal.

What duvets do five star hotels use? ›

Most hotels use a natural filled 10.5 tog duvet to get the right weight, look and feel for their hotel and to create a fabulous night's sleep for their guests.

What bedding do 5 star hotels use? ›

Hotels opt for a percale weave over sateen as percale epitomizes the cool, crisp feeling typical of a luxury hotel suite. A percale weave is also naturally longer lasting as by definition, it's a tighter weave (one under, one over - in comparison, sateen is typically three over, one under).

Why do hotels use sheets instead of duvet covers? ›

(Plus a fitted sheet makes three, hence “triple.”) Top sheets are more cost effective and less labor intensive for hotels than duvet covers, and triple sheeting also offers guests hygienic assurance, as their skin avoids contact with insulating items that are not necessarily washed between each guests' stay.

How do I choose a duvet UK? ›

A duvet's tog rating is important as it relates to its warmth (but not its weight, which depends on filling). The higher the tog rating, the warmer the duvet, with 2.5 – 7 tog perfect for spring and summer and 10.5 – 13.5 ideal for autumn and winter.

Should I buy a duvet one size bigger? ›

A Few Simple Tips

Typically, your duvet cover should be filled with a comforter that allows plus or minus two inches in dimension. If you want a snugger fit, then you should purchase a comforter that is bigger than your duvet cover by two inches in both dimensions.

Are IKEA duvets warm? ›

The stitched inner walls retain the heat, giving you a warmer sleep environment. A good choice if you need extra warmth while sleeping. The duvet is machine-washable at 60°C, a temperature that kills dust mites. 252 thread count.

What's the coolest fabric to sleep in? ›

On the other hand, materials like cotton, silk, and bamboo are extremely breathable and can be worn comfortably in different temperatures. So if the heat during the warmer months is a concern, these are good options.

What are the disadvantages of microfiber? ›

What are the negatives of microfiber sheets? The polyester or nylon used in these sheets trap heat, causing problems for those who suffer from night sweats. The synthetic materials that commonly make-up microfiber sheets are prone to wrinkling, bunching, and static.

Is Egyptian cotton good for hot sleepers? ›

Hot sleepers may also appreciate Egyptian cotton's breathability and moisture-wicking. Individuals who like a silky feel and finish might find sateen sheets more comfortable.

Is a down comforter good for night sweats? ›

A down comforter is a popular choice when it comes to bedding, but it's not your best choice if you are experiencing night sweats and hot flashes. Like high-thread-count sheets, down comforters trap heat, increasing your body temperature and triggering hot flashes. Did you know?

What type of comforter keeps you cool? ›

What is the best material for a comforter to keep you cool? Materials like bamboo viscose, cotton, silk, wool, and alpaca fibers can all provide a more breathable, temperature-regulating comforter than a traditional down or synthetic blend.


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